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Meet your marketing house.
Joshua Shull
Jessica Shull
Director of Operations
Nick Fetty
Multimedia Ad Producer
Sara Stephens
Graphic Designer
Jordan Repasz
Social Media Specialist
Jayme Coulter
Digital Ad Specialist


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Finding height and light in the heart
of downtown Bloomington.
Illinois house building

JoshuaOneNine Headquarters

Sitting atop the historic Illinois House Building
Why Downtown?
Downtown is the source of local identity. What does a city prioritize? What is it known for? How is it different from the town next door? Those questions are best answered by visiting Downtown. At their best, Downtowns are vibrant and alive, full of diverse people and viewpoints. And given that Downtowns are usually the oldest part of a city, they offer a mix of tradition and experimentation, a bustling blend of familiar classics and new culture.

It’s our firm belief that whatever positive impact Bloomington is still yet to make upon the stage, it will be rooted in Downtown. And if it doesn’t start in Downtown, it’ll eventually run through it. It always has. Business. History. Arts. Government. Music. Religion. Journalism. Architecture. Food. Charity. Education. Everything this town is known for either started (or still is) in Downtown, either in Downtown proper or within a few blocks any direction of it.

If we’re serious about loving local (we are), the best way to walk-that-walk is to plant ourselves Downtown. Right in the thick of it. It felt disconnected to claim to be for BloNo without committing to its heart. And in our own small way, whether by bringing a handful of jobs, increased activity, or simply by being a vocal champion, JoshuaOneNine wants to be part of Downtown’s future, and in so doing, be part of Bloomington’s future.

Why the Illinois House Building?
Once the decision was made to locate Downtown, the next question was...where? As a creative marketing agency that does a lot of brainstorming, we wanted an inspirational environment that prioritized height and light. Height in the sense that we were up in the air (preferably on the top floor with a nice view), and also a place that, if possible, had high ceilings (so we didn’t feel suffocated). And light in the sense that there were plenty of windows (for natural light) combined with an open floor plan (so you could see across the office and not have to spend time in dark rooms or dim, confined spaces).

We found such a place at the top of the Illinois House Building. Its multiple windows offer views as far West and North as the eye can see, and its 13-foot ceilings give us plenty of space. It’s the historic, penthouse gem of Downtown, and we’re fortunate to call it home.

In January 2022, we completed our buildout in partnership with fellow Downtown businesses Scharnett Architects (now Hewn Architectural Studio) and Catalyst Construction. The JoshuaOneNine HQ now features a 300 sqft photo & video recording studio with multiple motorized backdrops (including a 24' green screen), as well as a Vocal Booth for audio narrations. There's also a spacious Kitchenette & Common Area, complete with multiple bar height tables and a built-in kegerator. The large glass Conference Room is perched in the northwest corner, and is the crown jewel spot for the best indoor sunset and fireworks views in the City.

We’d love to have you up for a visit.
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