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Specialists are good, but limited and expensive.
For what you need, generalists are better.
What a Local Business Needs, We Can Do
The things we don’t do are the things you probably don’t need. But also, you probably need more than you think you do.

You could call JoshuaOneNine a full-service marketing agency, if by “full-service” you mean: we can all do the marketing-related things that most local businesses need. And that usually boils down to this:
  • Big Picture Mission
    We call this a PVB, clarifying your purpose, vision, and brand. This also includes a little market research for positioning and differentiation.
  • Branding Materials
    Logos, colors, fonts, language, stationery, forms, signage, guidelines, etc.
  • Strong Content
    Team headshots, store photos, explainer videos, product shots, etc.
  • Marketing Strategy
    Budgeting, targeting, calendars, how to use your email list, etc.
  • Website
    It needs good SEO and a few integrations like eCommerce, reservation & chat widgets.
  • Paid Ad Campaigns
    You need ads created (videos, images, and headlines that are filmed, shot, written, and edited in the proper lengths and formats) and then distributed across paid legacy platforms like billboards, TV & radio, and also paid digital platforms like social media, OTT, streaming audio, Google Search, and more.
  • Fun Programs
    Specials, features, blogs, and podcasts that amplify what you and your team do best.
  • Events & Promotions
    You need ads, materials, and planning when you decide to do limited-time events or promotions.
  • Social Media
    You need regular content (and a calendar) for posting on your social media platforms.
  • Listings & Reputation
    You need someone to be paying attention to your digital listings, comments, and reviews.
There’s a lot more, of course. But those 10 categories cover most of it.

We do all of it for our clients.

Still Wondering if We Do That Thing?

Send an email, ask us to clarify whether we do, in fact, do that thing, and get the relationship started. (We probably do the thing.)