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"What would you say, you do
here?" Look, we already told you...
As a full-service advertising & marketing agency, it’s easier to tell you what JoshuaOneNine doesn’t do. Given our focus on small businesses, we don't get into "big business, enterprise" solutions. We don’t build mobile apps, we don't write our own code, and we don’t run focus groups (yet). But that’s about it. For pretty much everything else that a small business needs at the local level, we’ve either done it, are doing it, can do it, are learning it, or will figure it out.

Other agencies in Central Illinois do similar things as you’ll read in the list below. It’s less about capability and more about industry-disrupting ideas, relationships, vision, execution, clarity, staying on-brand, and being able to crank-out strong and courageous results on deadlines. There’s a reason JoshuaOneNine content ideas have been (not so subtly) copied by other businesses. There’s a reason clients use words like “genius” and “dream team” to describe us. And it’s not because we own cameras or know how to use Google Ads.

Nevertheless, here’s the big grocery list, full of all the keyword-stuffed terms the Google overlords expect:

Branding & Strategy
Small Business Brand Strategy
PVB Identity Conference
Market Research
Competitive Analysis
Competitive Positioning
Core Values Discovery
Customer Analysis
Growth Opportunities
Re-Branding Initiatives
Logo Design
Icon Design
Brand Color Schemes
Brand Style Guidelines
Licensed Brand Music
Brand Voice Selection
Business Name Evaluation
Secondary Taglines
Typefaces & Fonts
USP’s & Differentiation
Contrasts & Avoidances
Probably Lots More...

Content Creation
Advertising Campaigns
Ad Copywriting
Blog Writing
Writing in Brand Voice
Audio Recording (On-Site)
Voiceover Booth
Audio Production
Video Storyboard & Concept
Video Recording (On-Site)
Video In-Studio
Video Editing
Live Broadcasts
Video Podcasts
Aerial Drone Photo & Video
Product Photography
Team Photos & Headshots
Exterior/Interior Photography
Graphic Design
On-Site Print Designs
Merch Design
Website Design
Website Development
eCommerce Site Design
Probably Lots More...

Content Distribution
Digital Marketing
Digital Video
Streaming Video/OTT
Streaming Audio
Digital Display
Local Radio
Local TV
Press Releases
Direct Mail
On-Site SEO
SEM & PPC Campaigns
Google Search Ads
Directory Listings
Social Media Ads
Event Marketing
Email Marketing
Probably Lots More...

Account Management
Custom Reports
Google Data Studio
Google Analytics
Search Position Tracking
Digital Audits
Online Account Management
Social Media Management
Media Buying
Media Relations & Liaison
Reputation Management
Responding to Reviews
Job Postings
PR & Crisis Support
Direct Text-Line!
Personal Branding for Owners
Probably Lots More...

Whatever advertising or marketing content creation or distribution you’re looking for, from your brick-and-mortar to your online Shopify store, JoshuaOneNine likely does it. If something isn’t in that list above, it was more likely just forgotten than omitted on purpose.

Still Wondering if We Do That Thing?

Send an email, ask us to clarify whether we do, in fact, do that thing, and get the relationship started. (We probably do the thing.)
If you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little farther. See the clients JoshuaOneNine has helped turn into Local Brands, or jump right to the How We Work page and dig into our relational approach. Spoiler: we don’t charge hourly. You’re welcome.