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We’re your marketing department,
like hiring a salaried employee.
JoshuaOneNine is the marketing department for local brands, not just another vendor in a silo. Our comprehensive approach is best compared to having your own marketing employees on staff. Imagine if you put out job postings looking to hire a team of professionals to handle all your marketing.
  • What would you expect to pay each of them? (A lot.)
  • What would you expect them to do? (Pretty much everything.)
  • How often would you expect to communicate with them? (Regularly.)
  • What would that communication be like? (Warm and relational.)
  • Would you expect them to also have a second job with your competitors? (No.)
  • Would you have project contracts with hard stops, or would they just, you for you?
JoshuaOneNine has developed a model that puts the relationship first. We're always on the same side of the table, which means we make decisions based on what's best for your brand.
  • Inclusive, Flat Monthly Fee
    Not hourly, not by project, and not on commission
  • Contractual Freedom
    Like an employee, we just work together until one of us decides otherwise.
  • Our Fees are Separate from Your Ad Budget
    We don’t “take our cut” from one big pile of money.
  • We Only Grow if You Do
    Our flat monthly fee only increases if your revenue does.
  • Category Exclusivity
    We’re loyal to you. We’re not working with your competition too.
  • This Exclusivity Benefits You
    Your marketing will be handled by a single team with a unified vision.

Want a Truly Relational Marketing Team?

Send an email, tell us how your local brand wants to make the community better, and get the relationship started. Or keep reading for more on how we work...


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Strategy is about making choices,
and we’re not for everyone.
What You Should Know
You can’t be all things to everyone…and we’re not for everyone.

The JoshuaOneNine relational model is uncommon, and as a result, we’re not looking to grow our agency by doing several one-off projects for hundreds of clients. Rather, we’re interested in going deep with a few. Currently, we are looking for our next wave of new clients!’s what you should know about us upfront.

Who We’re Looking to Work With
Local businesses who want to become Local Brands
  • Your Business is a Stable Leader in its Category
    Our long-term, relational model isn’t a great fit with brand new businesses, or businesses in need of urgent help.
  • You Want to Grow
    Not every business is looking to grow, and that’s fine! We want to work with growth-oriented businesses.
  • You Improve BloNo
    Profits are great, but impact goes beyond money. You make our community better, either with your products & services, or philanthropy.
  • You “Get” the Importance of Marketing
    We’re not the best fit for businesses who think they can grow without spending money. It takes a healthy budget both to pay us, and to pay for advertising. We work with marketing believers, not skeptics.
Who We’re Not Looking to Work With
Businesses in certain categories, and with certain structures and perspectives.
  • Specific categories
    Because of exclusivity agreements with our current clients, JoshuaOneNine chooses not to work with the following categories of business in Illinois:
    • Other jewelry stores
    • Other toy stores
    • Other lunch or dinner restaurants
    • Other audiologists
    • Other bed & breakfasts or micro-event venues
    • Other architectural firms
    • Other private flight schools or aviation centers
  • Franchises and MLM’s
    We want to work with local entrepreneurs and risk-takers who are building their dream from scratch.
  • Single-Person Brands
    We excel at working with brands who go beyond one individual’s name or reputation.
  • Committee Structures
    Our model works best when we can work directly with one or two points of contact who are also the final decision makers.
  • Social Culture Warriors
    We highly advocate for the separation of business and social commentary.
  • Antagonists to Christianity
    JoshuaOneNine is an openly Christian company with deeply held biblical values. This doesn’t mean all our clients (or employees) have to be Christians, but respectfully, we’re not interested in helping grow the brands of owners who create environments where Christian values are scorned, mocked, or ridiculed.